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IMPORTANT WEBSITES IN PENNSYLVANIA; Below are some very good websites which many of us don't know exist. Money is great, but having knowledge is the key to having power. We suggest you take your time and research each of these websites and use them as a knowledge tool.

PA Odor Management Program Public Notices Website  
This link will place you directly on the Pennsylvania Odor Management Programs Public Notice page. It is part of the Pennsylvania Governments Agriculture page. Here you can check on a weekly basis to see is any new Odor Management Plans have been submitted. This is a key indicator of knowing who is going to be building new CAFO. You will discover it here before you do at your local township, unless you frequent every meeting they have each month.

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program Website
The Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program provides a comprehensive source of information about Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management Act (Act 38, 2005) Program, and associated technical guidance and educational information. It also provides limited information concerning related programs.

Berks County Agricultural Land Preservation Website
The Berks County Department of Agriculture works with the Berks County Agricultural Land Preservation Board to permanently preserve large clusters of viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements (ACE). An ACE prevents the development of the land for any purpose besides productive agriculture.

Dr. Gregory P. Martin, who is an Extension Poultry Agent for the Southeast Region (which includes Berks County)
Dr. Martin is an educator who specializes in Poultry Production & Management, Composting (mortality/litter), Emergency Preparedness/Response, Animal Welfare, Veterinary IPM, and Biosolids. He also has a blog page that you can reach from his Penn State website which proves to be very informative in many different areas.

Berks County Farm Bureau Website
This is a good place to view any new policy changes in Berks County that have taken place. You can also click on their website page and read current, and archived Berks County Farm Bureau Newsletters which contain some interesting information that many are unaware exists.

Pennsylvania EPA Website
The name of the website says all that most need to know. The Pennsylvania EPA is governed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Pennsylvania DEP Website
DEP's Office of Water Management plans, directs and coordinates departmental programs associated with the management and protection of the commonwealth's vast water resources. Staff administers and oversees departmental programs involving surface and groundwater quantity and quality planning, and soil and water conservation.

The office also coordinates policies, procedures, and regulations which influence public water supply withdrawals and quality, sewage facilities planning, point source municipal and industrial discharges, encroachments upon waterways and wetlands, dam safety, earth disturbance activities and control of storm water and non-point source pollution. In addition, the Office of Water Management also coordinates the planning, design and construction of flood protection and stream improvement projects.

Pennsylvania Sunshine Law Citizens Guide
Many of us do not realize that we are covered and have more rights than we know which is covered under the Sunshine Law in Pennsylvania. This is a link to a file that Widener University produced in 2010 which is designed to help citizens learn about the Sunshine Law.