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Learn about Biosolids/Human waste; This page is presented with website links that will help you understand what the health risks are when biosolids are used in our community, and how they become health issues when used improperly in our community. You can easily obtain more articles and websites that will give more information on biosolids/human waste simply by going on any search engine like Google, or Bing.

Bioscience Addresses Land Application, Health Risks, and Regulatory Failures Regarding The Use of Biosolids..

This is by far one of the best websites there is that gives you straight forward information and doesn't try to tell you that health concerns are all in your head. It points out the failures associated with the inept testing practices of our own EPA, imagine that!

EPA's Question & Answer About Biosolids/Human Waste

You can visit the EPA's website and read how they classify biosolids/Human waste and what side effects if may have on humans, crops, farm animals. Keep in mind and read the wording carefully, as they admit various times in there question and answer site that yes there can be health issues, and if biosolids/human waste is not carefully monitored when it is applied major health issues can occur.

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality 2015 Report

This link contains information collected and distributed by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. It was just released to the public in July of 2015 as a common question and answer session much like the EPA has on their own website. It has a good breakdown of what can be found in biosolids, like heavy metals, ammonia nitrogen, nitrates, etc.

Ellis County Residents Sick Of Being Sick From Bio waste

One of the hundreds of articles you can find by searching for residents who are tired of being sick from having biosolids/human waste applied near their land. Just like in Pennsylvania they are trying to tell those who have become sick that it's all their heads, which it is not.

Bell Township Pennsylvania Residents Embroiled In Biosolids

This is an excellent article from 2014. You will be amazed that if biosolids are so environmentally friendly how these residents were treated like it is nuclear waste. Read this scary story about and how once again the EPA wants to tell us we are all crazy and there are no problems.

New York Town Bans Application & Use Of Biosolids 2014

Though lawyers will tell you legally that townships have no ground to ban the use of biosolids this town proved otherwise. Note, this is New York and the State has seemed to give more power to local townships regarding the ongoing issue of biosolid application.