Upcoming Event

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 7PM the Centre Township Planning Commission will be holding their monthly meeting. They didn't think anything would warrant being on the agenda and thought maybe their would not be a meeting this month, but something has changed, and now there is a meeting after all.


I do not know what the agenda for the meeting will be. It could have to do with Boyd, or it might not, but regardless residents of the township should plan on going just to have knowledge of what is happening in our township, otherwise we have nobody to blame but ourselves. We know meeting minutes are not posted on the township website, and even if they were those minutes are a very limited account of what was discussed or happens, so you either put in a "right to know" request, set up a time and go view the minutes, or plan on attending the meetings.











Welcome to the Berks County Friends of Family Farms. The meaning of Family Farms can be looked at in various ways, our group of concerned Berks County citizens is made up of both residents and farmers who agree that factory farming in extremes will do more harm to the community than it will good.


First and foremost we are not against farmers, nor are we looking to have farming in our communities put to an end. We all know and agree without our local farms, and those farms State wide and Country wide we could never sustain feeding our Nation.


We are against and will fight to stop mass construction of (CAFO's or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) poultry houses from being built which are being built within less than a mile of each other, and in some cases less than a half mile. We understand farmers need to have a fail safe plan, as the dairy market constantly fluctuates, as well as the price of corn, wheat, hay, straw, beef, etc. We can all sympathize with trying to earn a living and surviving, many of us work 2 jobs to get by, likewise so do many farmers, so we are all in the same boat together.


The influx of poultry houses being built in our Country over the past 10 years has grown by nearly 7,000 %. Corporate giants like Tyson Foods and Purdue, as well as others like Bell and Evans are leading farmers to believe that by building huge poultry houses on their farm will of course line their pockets with income. The average cost in Pennsylvania to build one chicken house for example comes to over well over a million dollars.


You would think by sinking a million plus into a poultry house, and having a contract with a company like Tyson, or Purdue, or Bell and Evans that you would make a great profit each year. This isn't the case, real time collected data Nationwide prove that on an average the American Farmer will earn 3 to 4% of clear profit each year off of their poultry operation. I'm not a math major, but for all the work that must be done, and the regulations that a famer will be forces to meet year round, why on earth are so many getting sucked into what is ultimately going to be a flooded market which will make the price of poultry Nationwide to drop so much that these farmer will go broke. It is simple supply and demand, but we are going to have so much supply, it will kill the demand, rendering a crash in the poultry market.


Many factory poultry farmers have stepped forward, telling it like it is, going against the giant corporations that they were contracted with to provide poultry to, siding the little or no income return on their work. Plus, equipment only lasts so long in these poultry houses, and then of course the farmer must update, and replace fans, feeding operations, electrical needs, etc. It's a never ending cycle which in many states is leading to farm land being littered with empty poultry houses because farmers cannot make a living and have enough in reserve to keep these facilities up to date.


Please take the time to look around, we will be adding information as time permits. We are only in our early stages of this website, so improvements will be happening frequently. We are hear to give you knowledge, that includes for farmers and residents alike.